A poem about the $300k burp

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The events depicted in this poem are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Still, it stands as a lesson to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

So we hired this Larry guy

He tried to raise money for an Israeli company in Dubai

Larry loved photocopying and thought it was a ok

One day we received a bill for $10K

My co-founder Ralph felt a pain in his kidney

The next day he flew to meet Larry on his beach club in Sydney

Ralph told Larry he looks like a piece of poop

Then he opened his mouth and started to burp

“Buaaaaaaaaa” and “Buaaaaaahaaaaa”

It hurt Larry so much he cried for his mama

But Larry was a lawyer and an idea to get even he found

Ralph got a big law suit when he was just closing a founding round

Of course Ralph was ready to fight back

But his lawyer said he’s out of luck

On a rainy day in Tucson

Ralph told Larry that he won

three hundred thousands dollars Larry got

And all he had to do is piss off a man a lot


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